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Welcome to Machining Business News
The purpose of Machining Business News MBN is to give machine shops and metalworking shops the latest information to help them increase efficiency, cut costs, and provide news to give shops a competitive advantage.

Industry News Latest News
The latest news and information about the machining and metalworking industry from shops, manufacturers, and associations as well as items that impact shop operations

New Products Most Recent Products
Descriptions of the newest equipment for shop modernization. Think of this section as the "candy store."

Cutting Edge Newest Advances
Products, inventions, and advancements that are on the leading edge, or just beyond.

Shop Profiles Current Shop Profile
What's the guy down the road or across the country doing in his shop? Here are capsulizations profiling machining businesses from a guy in a garage with a knee mill, to big-time operations.

Case Histories Hottest Case History
Real-world experience counts for a lot. Beyond all of the hype about a piece of equipment, what matters most is how it functions in a shop. The case histories presented here show how a product or process saves a shop time, money, or effort, or increases its efficiency.

Opinion Freshest Official Thoughts from the Chairman
What would a news outlet be without some officious pontification? Readers will get it here. Most of the time it will be about machining and metalworking, with occasional forays into pure rants and raves.

Video Newest in Movin' Pichers
This is something new. This section will be both videos from Nofel the equivalent of a TV editorial or a contribution from readers. We'll display just about anything within the realm of good taste.

Premium Content
While this is an oracle of news and information, it still has to make some profit. The Premium Content section is exclusively for paid subscribers. It offers insider information not easily found, along with other intelligence exclusive to Machining Business News.

Contact & Feedback
Here's all of the information needed to contact Nofel at Machining Business News. It's surprising how many professional websites neglect to include this information. If for comments, commendations, or complaints, send them here.

About MBN
Who we are, what we do, and our value to readers.



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